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tv   [untitled]    April 21, 2014 2:00pm-2:31pm PDT

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the park is dissected by sidewalks and in the east direction with the circular fountain and the child pack is along sacramento street. the eastern play areas for the constrain and the western for the older children the play commit dates back to 1970 and the ground material it sand. for about 3 years the members have divorced their time to work with the community and rec and park staff to install a perimeter fence. the association has followed the gift and you outreach policies and standards of the rec and park commission they've held 7 community meetings and presented at rec and park meetings. on december 19, 2013, the rec and park commission approved the conceptual plan for the
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renovation of the playground at huntington park. at that point, the commission asked they expend a grant in the amount of one point plus million dollars. so at this point that concludes my presentation. thank you >> great. thank you very much. without i guess we can go to public comment and when supervisor chiu arrives he can make his comments. ms. chang is there a written amendment or - >> we have worked with the city attorney's office to rise the language the resolution and the rec and park department will have the language. >> so is this the one copy.
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actually yeah. is it something you can read or dividing the file >> the duplicating the file and moving forward the piece of the file that would only include the expenditure for the playground. >> and then we'll keep the fence in committee. >> yeah. >> at the community meeting so it, happen. it will be helpful if we could get photos for the file and each of the committee meetings. maybe while public comment is happening. okay. so we'll now open item number 2 up for. public comment is 2 minutes when you have 30 seconds as i haven't
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called anyone yet so you'll have 30 seconds left you'll hear a soft bell and when your time is up a harder bell. i have 5 public comment cards and if you want to fill out a card so the names are (calling names) and so if you'll come on up it doesn't have to be in the specific order. and if you'll line up on the non door side. that's fine why don't you fill out a card and submit it okay put user towards the end and i
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have a few more cards so go ahead >> good afternoon, supervisors. i'm a resident of knob hill and have been enjoying the park for many, many years. i moved here in 1990 and he i've really enjoyed hunting ton park it's a beautiful open space and preefth to have that and support the playground renovation but i'm strongly opposed to putting a fence around the park and have a number of reasons so hopefully, the amendment will be >> adapted. >> adapted without the fence portion. so i'm assuming that is the thing and move this afternoon so
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i look forward to no fence around huntington park >> supervisor cowen has a - you mentioned you have many reasons against the fence state some. >> it would retain the aesthetics of the park it's welcoming and very relaxing for people who live in the city to have the open space. a if he has around it will put up a huge visible barrier and say this is not a welcoming space the second reason it's not a historic part of the park for get 9 years it's not had a fence and not part of the original o original part. third not helping safety but putting up a visible barrier so people can't see what what's in
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the park so if someone wants to do ill will to someone in the park my daughter hangs out there a lot and i don't want her to get trapped inside. if you put up a fence there are concern exits are you have to escape through >> thank you very much. next speaker. mr. o'grady. >> thank you xhifrz the ceo of the parks alliance. as you know every come up of years the parks alliance prudent persons our report we analyze the physical condition of every playground in the city and in 2012, the huntington park was raid a failing playground. the community has, however,
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since radical with the park alliance under the knob hill foundation. they've been working with a couple of years to raise the private few minutes for the playgrounds and continue to raise those funds. they intend to make this a gift and we support this project and the replacement of a failing playground with an organization playground. we're happy to see the move to set aside the issue the fence around the park in order to gather greater input before you make the decision. and in the meantime, we urge you to move forward with the approval of the playground to commence and would we're not going to rest until we achieve our no safety issues in san
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francisco >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> distinguished members thank you especially for what you do for the people. i've lived in district 3 and currently, the president of the knob hill foundation we're proud to be the oldest foundation and have given money foyer on the playground for the last 20 years i've been involved and then as a chairman of the playground that's formed a few years after my daughter was born. we've worked to help renovate this but sadly the san francisco report rorptdz us a d and it folded into the foundation when i took over as wanting a little
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over a year ago. we work closely with the rec and park department to make sure we follow the process after hosting several meetings i'm honored and delighted an above the knob hill to present this grant to the city and county of san francisco. this playground has bun funded by private duo nation and will benefit all the surrounding areas and indeed the world. i join the people's here today and ask you to vote yes, please >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> thank you, supervisors for giving us the time to talk about the hunting ton park fence and the playground. i'm a resident which knob hill
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for almost 10 years and worked with the rec and park and would like to show any support for the playground and restoration of the project a couple of issues in the last few weeks some of us had to chase a small girl ran out of the park we chased her out into the street and the same week a small dog ran out symbol middle of the street and luckily it wasn't hurt. i would like to show any support for the fence for safety and otherwise for the playground i'd like to say i'm no complete support i'm about to become a parent and i genuine the knob hill association after leon will
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this from the public notice at the park last year joined the association and have been helping to make decisions and give input to get the community involved like putting up facebook and bring everyone into the conversation from the neighborhood. thank you very much for your time >> thank you congratulations. >> thank you. >> next speaker and i have call another card israel hernandez. >> i'm james i'm an architect and neighbor of the park. i returned from a lengthy project in texas i went through two days ago and was informed of this idea i'm a huge supporter because the playground is out-of-date and number two is the fence i think should think
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reinstated because number one the sharing off of that fence removed an important crown of the knob hill. had you look at the banning craft library project is tense is negotiates if the fence run states that vail that crown, if you will, it will do a great service to defining the park making it safer and giving dogs a place to be that's contained. you don't want to make everyone who has an animal and the animal wants to be there with other but allowing those corners to be fenced-in that's a semiidea and benefits the knob hill idea i'm
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an expert in ashth architecture and something of that quality should be reinstated >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> hello good afternoon. i'm israel hernandez i live in knob hill i moved there 5 years ago. it's a beautiful are part of the city i'm here to support about dynamics of the fence i joined the knob hill association because i wanted younger professionals to get more involved in the neighborhood and bring a sense for all different ages. i love the fact the community has been getting donations from private folks and it's great to see a playground for children i
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love the dynamics of this fence there's a lot of misinformation about the fence you can see there the event it's not at all and it's historical to a city it treasures the historical. and so i want to a lend my support happy to answer any questions >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> thank you supervisor wiener. i'm stan i'm a knob hill resident and also a corporate secretary of the knob hill foundation and serve on the board of grand mercy and treasurer of the grand hill that was involved in the long term planning we've put in to develop this plan. i want to offer a few perspectives one issue it clearly favors the renovation of
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the playground. when it get to the fence i'll ask all of us to consider the context. when 3 years ago we took upon ourselves to renovate the park we realized it needed so many needs physical needs in terms of irrigation. there so many people that the park serves the park with dogs and people who don't want dogs and children who need a secure place and it become evident in this context the fence was necessary not because it's historic it's nice it's historic it fits in and shouldn't offered the and i athletics like a chain link fence. the fence is a key to many issues as we about get around to the issues i ask those who
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oppose it but with the constructive voice to accommodate all the people who have a need for the park thank you, thank you very much >> next speaker. >> hello supervisors i'm robert pr i'm a resident of knob hill. a member of the knob hill association was one of the founders of the knob hill coalitions. i want to speak to a particular issue that's the playground up there. i represent a company which designs builds and installs playground equipment has nothing to do with knob hill i also have been personally in favor the designing planning and installing a children's playground. i know that our present playground up there is unsafe it
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doesn't meet contemporary safety standards in terms of the equipment and the under foundation the sooner we can bring that up to snuff the less nerve i'll be sitting in the park watching the kids run and jump. thank you. i'm in favor of this proposition >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> you're going to be a special city and a very exciting district. you're going to be a special city because you're going to be sitting on top of the world. sitting on top of the world. somehow, i knew that would be you supervisor chiu to change our gray skies to blue and it was strange when this item came
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i knew it would bring about a better change before you met this item i said to shine. then the foundation gave it gave it a dime. go ahead and right now and may it make the playground shine. good morning to be a special city and a very exciting district because euro going to be sitting on top of the world and make it a happy playground world. >> thank you. next speaker. >> hi i'm james i wanted to say that my daughter has played in this park most of the life and my dog most of his life and the park is great the way it is it feels open and welcome to people
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of diversities the fence will make it a less a place for people to meet and look like a gated community or a private park and less people are going to go there it will change the feel of the neighborhood and that will be offensive. >> any public comment on that item? on item 2. if so, please come forward >> good afternoon. supervisors. i'm chris harris i'm a neighbor in knob hill from the park and i have lived there 20 years. first of all, i'm concerned about the amendment to the resolution it is possible to hear that i can't comment without hearing that >> supervisor chiu.
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>> it's what you and i have discussed about making sure this resolution will be amend only for the playground portion. >> only the playground all right. that's what we discussed. i appreciate that >> i wanted to say quickly that we've been meeting with supervisor chiu which we really appreciated in recent weeks. and we do support the playground renovation as well as the dog owners but there's been a strong opposition to the fence. and it turns out that not many people in the neighborhood knew about the fence and there was something in the the magazine called knob hill. of course, a lot of people didn't see it but i've been talking with my neighbors and
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asking if they heard about it first of all, it's shocking and then the complete disapproval the b.j. market on the corner of taylor he said i've owned this place for 45 years and historically it's been inaccurate so it would be sdaij the park it went around a mansion there before. so, yeah it costs a lot of money a million dollars for a fence we can do a lot more for the community. i appreciate your time >> thank you very much is there any additional public comment on item two. >> i'm greg thank you for
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allowing me to speak here today. i'm the chairman of the knob hill association. we're very honored to be able to present the playground project to the city of san francisco we hope you'll accept it to a gift of the citizens we're honored to be working with all the community on the fence project and on we're looking forward to additional community discussion around the project as well as other prongs we would like to side moved including bringing more community harmony with off lease pet play areas in the park. and that's all i have to say thank you very much >> thank you very much is there any additional public comment on item 2? seeing none, public comment is closed.
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president chiu >> thank you all the members who came out i want to apologize more o for not being here i understood that was going to be closer to 2:30. i want to give context colleagues a to this. i think you know that my district is physically the smallest district we involve the density outside of manhattan this knob hill is one the density areas we have little open space we'll have a spirited community discussion to use this area. at huntington park it's so says and valuable resource to the community. i want to take a moment to thank
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the investigators particularly the knob hill residence i want to emphasize their volunteer efforts. let me also reemphasis we're talking about not an investment of public monies but private monies that's been raced through thousands of hours ever work and consensus building. i think you know having read the examiner the one i mentioned earlier colleagues i'm going to ask we duplicate this resolution and academy it to focus the portion around funds for the playground because everyone involved in this conversation knows we need to invest those funds as quickly as possible so the kids here in the hearing room as well all the kids on knob hill can enjoy you that as
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quickly as possible. there's been discussions around the fence. i want to talk about why we're having this conversation. i'm sure you're aware of many of our parks in the city, in fact, dozens of this have fences and they're really 3 reasons why there's a multiple year conversation around a fence first and foremost around safety. there's been issues in the wee hours in the morning there was another act of violation around huntington park so we have years of debate around this board of supervisors and this board wants to see more concerts there were concerns about late knitted crowd and part of the fenced was to secure the safety with the
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invention we're going to see. and particularly with the rules that the supervisors passed around social involvement and the time has nothing to do with that but there reason safety concerns. secondly there are years of discussion how to make this park workable for dog owners and families with children we'll have horrific incidents where residents were on the not to front end of attacks by individual animals in this area i think you know of them this is a concern within its area. part of the rationale for the fence is to insure an outdoor fence for a dog area so the dog owners could have a space and
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families with young kids would have a space but dog owners could share the benefits. so the third reason for the fence had been historic awe theveng lee although that's not been the driving concern but the knob hill have the original fence now going one hundred years ago. all that being said those are a number of reasons why through 6 community meetings two in 2011 and 2 in 2012 and others in 2013 hundreds of owners came down saying we need the fence and the rec and park department said there were 4 occasions where this plan was discuses in 2013 in addition to news reports. i want to dispel there has not
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been accurate process. that being said in the last few weeks we're heard from another round of residents who wanted more times i've asked the supporters to meet with them we've done that twice in the last two weeks. i have suggested to both sides that today, we moved with the expenditure part of the playground and we have at least one more large community meetings so as many people can come in and weigh in on the fence and give the supporters of the event folks to explain how we've gotten here and colleagues, i want you to do in the committee to add a couple of additional clauses whereas is rec and park department worry
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about it further look at the ramps of the playground and be it resolved that the board of supervisors authorizes the general manager to extend up to 3 hundred and 50 thousands for the acts to advance the playground and to remove the third clause it removes it from the previous acts on page 2 and again to clarify we're all in agreement to move forward with the playground but we will defer until after this meeting and there will be other meetings and only after that conversation will i ask you to consider what we may or may not do so colleagues, i want to ask for the amendments to move forward to the full board with recommendation >> just a quick the resolution
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is not. >> it's - >> it doesn't have the marksing. >> i was provided a non-line version from rec and park department. >> john gibner, deputy city attorney i don't have a red line versions when the committee in the official copy the amendments don't attire so the version it supervisor chiu claktdz is the amended version that goes to the full board but i understand based on the versions i saw earlier today the amendments are okay. >> so we duplicate the file and amend one version but not the other and forward the amended version to the phone number. >> that's